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ATU Sligo - Donegal and ATU Galway - Mayo class

ATU’s Regional New Frontiers Workshop

The Ellison Hotel in Castlebar played host to Atlantic Technological University‘s New Frontiers Programmes of Galway-Mayo and Sligo-Letterkenny getting together for our regional New Frontiers Workshop. This was the first time that the two 2023 groups came together for a joint workshop and there was great collaboration and synergy between the New Frontiers groups.

Alumni Speaker Visit

New Frontiers alumni Manuela Caniglia and Maurice Bryson speak to our Phase 1 group last night. They spoke about the creativity involved in the business which brings them joy and gave some nuggets of advice including “don’t be afraid to take a step back – pivot if necessary” and “talk to people!”.Continued success to them both!

Where fertility meets ambition

Congratulations Alison ClarkeWe love seeing her updates and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy! Alison completed Phase 2 and 3 of New Frontiers North West, based out of ATU Sligo and ATU Letterkenny earlier this year.

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