Shout Out To Bababou !

We just had to give a tip of the hat to Lucia Nash and her team at Bababou

The Hugg® Crib allows for safe sleeping, giving baby their own crib space, while snuggled up next to the parent’s bed.
Delivering all the wonderful benefits of close physical contact that babies need for Safety, Physiological regulation, frequent feeding and sleep arousal for the first six months in accordance with research carried out by UNICEF.

With the built in ability to repurpose as a desk for the nursery or playroom, this product should last for years.




Since taking part in New Frontiers NW in 2015, Lucia continues to attract attention for her unique crib. Hugg has been featured in British Vogue, Luna Magazine, Milk magazine as well as having been a finalist in the National Start up Awards and the Junior Design Awards.

Follow Lucia’s journey on twitter @bababou and Instagram