New Frontiers Alumni DroneSAR is Start up of The Week has named DroneSAR its start up of the week in June this year.  DroneSAR has developed unique software that it claims will revolutionise the worldwide search-and-rescue industry. The app transforms basic commercially available drones into search and rescue platforms.

The companies patented technology transforms basic multirotor drones into advanced search and rescue platforms. This enables search & rescue teams to reduce the time required to locate victims and reduces the risk which rescue teams are themselves exposed to.

DroneSAR software takes over the difficult task of flying the drone, allowing rescue teams focus on the important task of locating the victim.

CTO and Co-Founder Matthew Kelly was a participant in New Frontiers NW in 2015.

” If it was not for New Frontiers I would still be working as an IT manager in London, it gave me the opportunity to take my business idea and turn it into a reality , it was not easy to leave a permanent job in London but I am so glad I took the opportunity.

I learnt a lot in New Frontiers that prepared me to setup the business and form a good team around me, the presentations skills I learnt were invaluable to me when it came time to pitch for investment and to present Dronesar at Drone exhibitions.”

Drone SAR New FrontiersPatsy Donaghy Colab Manager, Matthew Kelly Drone SAR, Carole Brenan Senior Regional Development Executive, Enterprise Ireland.


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