Introducing Phase 2 2018/19

We are delighted to welcome Phase 2 2018/19 who start their New Frontiers journey today. The 2018 cohort reflects a wide variety of sectors:

Danielle Gallagher who is developing a feed supplement for the livestock industry that aims to reduce methane emissions.

Ronan McCabe who is developing a mobile first recommendations engine that will digitise word of mouth.

Dr. Clare Ryan who is working on providing digital risk management solutions to the accountancy, legal and insurance sectors.

Amir Gamil who is helping runners predict performance and finishing times.

Karina Kelly who is developing a platform that will fast track image editing for ecommerce.

Alexandra Manning who is creating Irelands first fully costed wedding planning platform.

Karl Bonner who plans to manufacture a range of premium dried fish snacks for pets.

Denis Kelly who is developing an apparatus for stabilising a post accident vehicle against unwanted shifting during a rescue operation.

Dr. Alan Hernon who is working on a digital platform which will accurately predict when a cow will ovulate.

Dolores Burns who creates a range of natural, organic skin care products using local seaweed specially belended carrier oils.

Tommy Torrades who is developing a range of seaweed based food and skin care products.

Darren Rooney who is re-inventing the way we see mobility products for people with disabilities.

Tom O’Brien who is developing a service for monitoring ewes for signs of imminent labour.


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